Planning the `City of Tomorrow’ British reconstruction planning, 1939-1952

An annotated bibliography

Contents i
Preface ii
Acknowledgements iii
How to use the bibliography iii
1.Introduction: a context for studying wartime
and post-war reconstruction plans 1
2.UK wartime and immediate post-war `reconstruction’ plans 12
2.1 Commissioned plans by consultants and expert bodies 12
2.2 Local authority plans (including committee reports) 20
2.3 Publicity material, including exhibition guides 26
2.4Unofficial plans 30
3.Social surveys etc informing the plan-making process 32
4.A sample of UK large-scale (regional/county) plans 34
5.A sample of overseas reconstruction / post-war plans by
UK planners 36
6.For comparison: a sample of UK pre-1939 plans 37
7.Published literature on reconstruction planning 38
7.1Contemporary 38
7.2More recent scholarship 44
7.2.1Recent contextual works: the social, cultural,
economic and political background to reconstruction 49
8.Biographical works on the planners 50
9.Non-UK reconstruction plans and related publications
(including some post-First World War) 53