Early Years of the Leigh Park Housing Estate Portsmouth

Early Years of the Leigh Park Housing Estate Portsmouth 1

The Nissen Hut They Called Home.

A publication compiled by Ralph Cousins.

We would like to introduce you to an excellent publication written by the very talented author, Mr Ralph Cousins.
This publication provides a unique insight into the history and eventual development, of the Leigh Park Housing estate, Portsmouth.

Post war Nissen hut under construction
Early Nissen Hut

Published in PDF format, this book offers a fascinating glimpse of the history of Leigh Park and its eventual development into a housing Estate.
Ralph includes written testimony of from some of the very first residents of the estate. The book provides a unique insight into the day to day life, of a newly formed community. A Community devoid of essential services and amenities caused post-war bureaucratic infighting and miles of red tape. 

Bob Hind provides his own contribution to the book by providing a short account of what life was like living inside temporary corrugated Nissen Huts, in ‘The Nissen Hut They Called Home’.

An audio extract of the account is provided below.  

The Nissen Hut They Called Home

This fascinating account uncovers the post-war the history of Portsmouth and provides a unique account of daily life and the struggles faced by the estates first occupants.

You can download the PDF for yourself HERE

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