Bring a BISF Coal Fireplace Back Into Occasional Use?

Bring a BISF Coal Fireplace Back Into Occasional Use? 1

We’re thinking of bringing our Fireplace back into occasional use, has anyone got any advice, or experience of this?
Having opened up the fire place it looks like it was intended for gas use only as it has a plaster board back?
There also appears to be a capped gas pipe, cut water pipes, and a hot water pipe running through it.
Am I right in thinking the steel frame around the concrete fire box only supports the weight of the cast iron flue?


  1. We are just doing up a BISF home and have removed the fire place the front door side of the fireplace there was a 3 inch pipe that went under the floor to the rear of the property terminating between the kitchen and dining room present home we put a4inch pipe under the floor going straight into the wood burner,it doesn’t take any air from the house so is more efficient without any draughts.its been exterior wall insulated as well with A rated Windows which seems to be a big improvement