Home Insurance Query


while filling in my home insurance form it asks if the house is prefab combustible or noncombustible , what does this mean and which one is it for our type of houses



  1. Hello Shah
    Your question is a pretty common one here at BISF House.
    There is no one single wall classification that is set in stone for a BISF house but the closest one that does fit is Prefabricated Non Combustible.
    The question is generally based on the largest area of the houses construction and as most BISF houses have steel sheeting to the upper storey that is constructed from prefabricated steel, this is usually the most appropriate choice.

    We always recommend that you make a follow up telephone call to your insurance provider and inform them that the house is of BISF construction.
    When you do call the customer service adviser can often input more than one category for your building such as render or brick for the lower walls depending on construction.

    Just type insurance into the search box at the top of the page and you will find various discussion that may be of further help to you.

    Keep us informed if you have any problems.