BISF House insurance!!!!

Please help I am  trying everything possible to get buildings & contents insurance for my property.

My current provider has sent a letter saying that they won’t renew the policy. I could honestly say I have spent nearly 10 hrs trying to find cover with no success.
People I have spoken to in my road, have said they have insured as non combustible property which can’t be right, and some as concrete.
From my knowledge and from this site houses or off a steel/iron framework upper region and the lower half is a 3 coat render on mesh on top of framework. 
I know I could lie and get away with it but if the worst happens, ie fire or flooding  and the insurance came calling ,straight way they would take one look and see that the property is of non standard construction.

Please help as its starting to worry me as there are children in the house and I want to reach a final conclusion on this matter.


  1. Hi ,I’m trying to find home insurance for my BISF house. I’ve read all the threads on this forum re insurance but because I can’t tell when they were posted, I don’t know which companies to try or how much I should be paying. Is it just me ? or are there no dates on any of the posts? This is the first time I’ve tried to insure a house. Thanks folks Smile

  2. I have just come back from abroad after being away a year and rang the Halifax to change back from Landlords insurance to my old policy. They said they I could not renew due to a flood claim in 2012. I could not understand this as they had renewed up to the middle of 2015 no problem. The flood was due to surface water after a series of storms and was not likely to happen again. This is especially true now that houses have been built on the errant agricultural land and preventative measures put in place e.g. water capture lagoons.

    So not only did I have a non standard construction house, I had made a substantial insurance claim. I went through an independent broker who came up with only one insurer who was prepared to take the risk. That quote was £650.00 plus excess of £2000 on flooding. I went with Towergate in the end who quoted £345.00 with an excess of £500 on flooding and included home emergency and legal expenses. Their number is 01206 780300. It actually turned out to be cheaper than what Halifax charged me last time I renewed. Another insurer actually said they were very good and often beat them on quotes. Apparently they specialize in flood risk. I believe are quite competitive as well. Hope this helps anyone out there who is tearing their hair out.

  3. Hello Chris
    I insured my daughters house through the Post Office insurance. I simply explained that it was a BISF house to the sales person on the telephone. She told me that she would enter the property details as prefabricated non combustible. She told me that this was normal for a BISF house as the top was prefabricated steel which amounted to at least half of the properties construction.

    So I don’t think you will have a problem there. I managed to get the insurance sorted in under 20 minutes. I can’t understand how you have been searching for over 10 hours with no luck.

    I also think it is disgusting that your current company are refusing to insure you. Who are you insured with and did they give you a reason why?

    DR J

  4. BTW Chris Prefabricated Non-Combustible is a Non-Standard Construction method. The prefabricated upper panels are prefabricated but overall a BISF House is not a prefab. It is a steel framed house of Non-Standard construction.

  5. Chris any of the BISL LTD group of insurers should be able to help you. They include the Post Office, Santander, and Yes insurance. They do accept BISF houses and they are aware of the construction type in most cases although we always suggest that you ring them after you have obtained an online quote.
    The reason prefabricated non combustible is frequently chosen is because the upper section of the house does indeed contain pre-fabricated steel panels which are non-combustible. The lower half as I’m sure you will be aware is render on lathe which is also non combustible.

    When you apply for a quote online there is only room from the drop down menu to make one selection. This is why you need to call after you have made the quote as the customer service teams have a different screen and are able to input a second wall fabric to ensure that they have the correct info.

    We do know that there have been some changes with Halifax insurance since their involvement with the Lloyds group but it would be helpful to know who your current insurers are?