I Bought my BISF in the Seventies For Just £7000!

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I Bought my BISF in the seventies for just £7000 pounds but got made redundant the day I paid the last mortgage payment.

I am now 83 years young, lost my dear wife in 2008.

We had new double glazing ,and the upper part of the walls external cladded, also central heating done that was in the seventies, money got pretty tight, so haven’t had anything major done lately, but my wife and I had happy days here.

Would just like to say hello to everyone
Regards LEN


  1. Hi DR JOHN.
    We moved in as council tenants 1970 .it had been occupied before and it had been cleaned up and decorated by the oxford city council, we had been living in one of those little flat roofed prefabs,, they were quite cosy, the new house seemed so big my eldest daughter could not get over the stairs and kept running up and down them, we, had two daughters 10yrs and 18mnths

  2. Hello Len
    I bet you have many fond memories of your life in the house.

    £7000, my word how times and values change. When did you move into your house? Were you the first occupant or did you take the house over from someone else?

    Has your street changed much since those first days?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Dr John

    1. we moved in as council tenants 1970. it had been occupied previously but the council had to decorate it completely as the tenants left it in a state, when the done a bunk, still we were very pleased to get it as we were living in one of those flat roofed prefabs, they were quite small but cosy, we had two daughters one 10 and the other 18mnths,the eldest was fascinated by the stairs, as the prefab did not have any ,one of the first of happy memories we had
      the street has changed,for the better I might add,.it was pretty wild in the early days but we had happy times, I say we had as my Dear Wife passed away in 2008, I still have my grown up daughters to comfort me ;but the memories will be with me for ever
      best regards LEN