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Hi We have owned a bisf house for a year. We have been insured through Halifax, unfortunately after rewiring the property we were broken into and the wiring was stolen. Halifax paid our claim but said we should not have been given insurance as the house was unoccupied. They are now refusing to re new the policy. I was transferred to another company who would insure unoccupied property but would not cover our house because of the asbestos roof.
Has anyone else had this problem and can you please recommend an insurance company.


  1. Hello Rupert
    So sorry to hear about your burglary, especially after you had spent so much on re-wiring the property.
    I can understand the stance that Halifax have taken as most but not all insurance companies will not insure a property if it is left unoccupied for more than 30 days a year. I am glad to hear however that they paid out in this instance.

    There are a number of specialist insurers who do provide non-standard insurance policies which includes non-conventional construction and un-occupied properties.

    Take a look at the money supermarket link here
    they also have a short guide here
    I’m afraid it may well be a case of trawling through various insurers to see what they offer. Alternatively a good indepedant insurance broker should be able to do the trawling for you and obtain a good price.
    Be careful about using the phrase ‘refused insurance’ when you approach any new company as many will ask you if you have ever been refused insurance. Most people are refused if they are a poor risk or if the previous company suspected a dishonest claim which is clearly not the case with you. I would suspect it is more a case that Halifax will not insure due to their property left rule which is totally different to an insurance refusal.
    If you do manage to secure a policy please let as know as it will no doubt be of benefit to other members.

    I hope this helps a little and wish you well.