Is White is the new Magnolia? Living room update.

bisf house re designed living room project

Living Room Project

We spend a huge amount of time in our livings rooms. It’s an important retreat, a space to relax, unwind or entertain. It’s the perfect place to leave behind the stresses of the day and unwind. A space that should be calm, yet functional for our everyday needs.

Sadly, my living room wasn’t really achieving any of the above.

The Old Drab Living Room

Sure, my existing room was clean and tidy,(apart from the impossible to remove sooting on my fireplace) but the walls were adorned with cream wallpaper, the floors, brown laminate and putting it mildly, it was drab, boring and desperately in need of an update. The same was equally true of my existing gas fire and fireplace. Traditional, was not a look I wanted to retain.

I found myself drawn toward Scandinavian design trends, incorporating clean lines and crisp white walls.  A look not suited to everyone, but at least it gave me a starting point.

I knew that to achieve this look, my walls had to perfectly smooth if my walls were to be covered in nothing more than bright, white paint. Any ripple or undulation would stick out like a sore thumb, so my first task was to remove the existing hardboard walls and replace with crisp new drywall sheets. These would need to be expertly plastered if I was to achieve the look and feel I desired.  

After a few months of complete disruption of living on a building site and the thick layer of plaster dust that permeates through the entire house, I’ve finally got the room almost finished.

There’s still a few pictures to hang and a sofa to replace but overall I’m pleased with the overall layout and design of the room which now feels far more spacious than it ever did before.

Take a look at my forum post showing the entire build process HERE