JK Rowlings’ – A Casual BISF Vacancy in Bristol

A neglected BISF house in Bristol recently became the fictional home of a Heroin addict in the BBC adaptation of JK Rowlings’, The Casual Vacancy.

45 Silbury Road was turned into the Drug Den home of Single Mum Krystal Weedon and her Heroin Addict Mother last year by film crews, filming scenes for the three part drama which aired in February 2015.

The story line centered around the troubled village of Pagford where residents both rich and poor lived in perpetual conflict.

The production team went to great lengths to find the right property in which house the family, choosing the very shabby 45 Silbury Road as the drug dependent characters on screen address. Despite the majority of the drama being filmed some 60 miles away in the Cotswolds, producers chose the Bisley Estate in Stroud to portray the novels fictional housing estate,” The Fields”.

Whilst watching the drama unfold, viewers were drawn into the seedy lifestyle of a heroin addict and the effect her drug taking had on the family as a whole. Various scenes were shot inside almost every room of the house, depicting a syringe filled home of horrific squalor and a daughters battle to get her Mum off drugs.

In reality 45 Silbury Road is one of only a handful of properties not modernised a under recent improvement scheme which saw the majority of houses renovated, dramatically changing the look and feel of the street.

The problem is, that it would be easy for the average viewer to assume a view that all BISF Houses looked similar inside to that depicted in the TV drama. Of course, we know otherwise. but in case anyone had any doubt, take a look at the images shown below.

The first set are screen shots taken from the BBC Drama, The Casual Vacancy. Out of interest, 45 Silbury Road was sold for £83.000 in may 2014.


Further along Silbury Road you will find the next property which was recently offered  for sale by CJ Hole.com, estate agents and as a result, sold for £220.000. I think you will agree, that the difference between the two properties is simply astounding.

Are you a resident from the Silbury Road area, if so what are your thoughts on the BBC Drama?

Please share your comments and views below.


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  1. Hi there,
    I am the lucky owner of this property and can safely say the house is looking very differnt indeed!
    I have lots of pictures I just havnt got the time to share my renovation project just yet as it is still well and truly underway!
    This site has been very useful and I am very grateful for the wealth of information this site has to offer.
    Best get back to it, thanks again.

    1. Wow Josh
      It looks like you’re really going to town on the house!
      It already looks so different, have you had a new roof installed and wall insulation?

      I’d love to see more pictures of how the house is coming along. :0)

      I see that you have started to remove the hardboard from the walls too, we had a similar game in hour house. When we first moved in we wondered why all the walls seemed to bow in and out, haha but we never expected hardboard.

      Are you planning to live in the house yourself or are you a developer? Have you encountered any problems yet during the renovation?

      Look forward to hearing more and hope its all going well!

      Trish :0)

  2. What a fascinating article!

    I remembered watching the BBC drama and seeing the inside of the house. They certainly did a good job of making it look dark and dingy inside. Some of the wallpaper looked very retro, a blast from the past so to speak.
    It’s amazing to see the price difference too from a non-improved bisf house to one which has been renovated beautifully.

    It’s great to see Josh undertaking new renovation works to the house but I imagine it’s no mean feat.

    I would love to know how the renovation project is going on and what difficulties have been faced.

    I look forward to reading more in the future :0)