Kencast Precast Concrete House

Kencast Precast Concrete House 1

Name: Kencast Precast Concrete House
Manufacturer: Kencast Buildings Ltd.
Period Built: 1960’s.
Number Built: 1000

Kencast Identification Characteristics:

  • Detached and semi-detached bungalows.
  • Medium Pitch gable roof covered with slates or tiles.
  • External walls rendered throughout.
  • Tile hanging at gable apex.
  • Some bungalows have vertical timber boarding below some front wall window.
  • This picture shows a typical Kencast detached bungalow.

Note for Surveyors:
Hairline cracking between components

Kencast Precast Concrete House 2
Kencast Detached Bungalow

Weaver Vale Housing Trust – Kencast Refurbishment Project.

The video below contains a detailed glimpse into the refurbishment works to 54 Kencast bungalows in Northwich, Cheshire. Throughout the year 2007, W D Stant Ltd worked together with Weaver Vale Housing Trust and their property occupants to carry out the works as requested. The video provides a fascinating glimpse of the refurbishment process and includes interviews with contractors and residents.

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