Leaky Roof

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Hi, I have recently moved into a BISF house and have a leaky off-shot roof. Has anyone had any work done for a similar problem and if so can anyone recommend any companies
Len Martin


  1. The roof is made of corrugated steel. The leak is coming from the bolts that run along the middle of the out house. We need a new roof as it has been patched up loads of times

    1. Hello Len
      One of the most frequent reasons for leakage in corrugated panels is caused by the rubber grommet seal that fits around the bolt and above the steel profile. New bolts and seals are cheap and easy to replace if the steel panels are in good condition.
      You haven’t mentioned if your out house is timer or block. I have seen several out buildings that have simply been roofed with corrugated panels and secured to the building with nothing more than lead flashing and fixed to the out-house walls by nails. There was no structural support whatsoever in between such as joists etc.
      The problem with corrugated coverings is the amount of airflow caused by the raised edges of the profile.
      You can obviously choose to replace the panels like for like which is probably the cheapest method. A competent tradesman should be able to complete this job and be cheaper than a roofing contractor.
      The panels themselves are very affordable and some of the newer designs can even have a tile effect finish in a range of colours.
      Sheets usually start at around £18 – £20.00 each.
      For reference here are a few links to sellers on the ebay website.



      Of course you also have the choice of completely boarding the roof and covering it with a membrane, artificial tiles or felt but it’s hard to say which would be the best option without seeing the structure.

      Were you thinking of undertaking the work yourself Len or will you definitely want a tradesman or company in?

  2. Hi Len
    I presume you mean the roof to your out house?
    What type of roof covering is on there at the moment an where exactly is the water coming in?
    I ask because there are a number of different reasons water may leak inside and it is not always caused by the roof covering so a little more information would be good. :)
    Do you have any images that you can share with us and if it is the out-building is yours constructed from timber or block?