List of Metal Framed Houses by Build Type

The reference number listed in front of each house type, is the B.R.E (Building Research Establishment) identification reference for this property type.
The B.R.E produce sometimes produce printed reports which can be purchased direct, from the B.R.E Bookshop website.

M001- AGB  Modular 6
M002- AIROH Temporary Bungalow
M003 – Aluminium Bungalow BL8
M004 – Aluminium House
M005 – Arcal
M006 – Arcon
M007 – Arcon Temporary Bungalow
M008 – Arrowhead
M009 – Atherton
M010 – Atholl 1926
M011 – Atholl 1945
M012 – Atholl 1951
M013 – Beanland No 1
M014 – Birmingham Corporation
M015 – Birmingham Corporation Type ST
M016 – BISF Type A
M017 – BISF Type A1
M018 – BISF Type B
M019 – BISF Type C
M020 – B-J
M021 – Braithwaite
M022 – British Housing
M023 – Buchan
M024 – Conatus
M025 – Connell
M026 – Cornes
M027 – Coventry Corporation
M028 – Craig Atholl
M029 – Crane
M030 – Cranwell
M031 – Cruden
M032 – Cussins
M033 – Denis Poulton
M034 – Dennis
M035 – Dennis-Wild
M036 – Discus
M037 – Dorlonco
M038 – Duplex Sheath
M039 – Falkiner Nuttall
M040 – Formula
M041 – Gateshead Corporation
M042 – Gee Walker & Slater
M043 – Grenfell Baines
M044 – Grid
M045 – Hawthorn Leslie
M046 – Hillcon
M047 – Hills Presweld
M048 – Hitchins
M049 – Homeville Industrialised
M050 – Howard Type A
M051 – Howard Type B
M053 Integer
M054 Kelvin
M055 Keyhouse Unibuilt
M056 Kingstone
M057 Langlands
M058 Liverpool Corporation
M059 Livett-Cartwright
M060 Lowton-Cubitt
M061 Macfarlane
M062 Mark
M063 Minox
M065 Mucklow Plan
M066 Multispan
M067 New Georgian
M068 Nissen-Petren
M069 Northern Ideal Homesteads
M070 Nuttall Building System
M071 Nuttall Mk II

M053 Integer
M072 Open System Building
M073 Paragon
M074 Phoenix Temporary Bungalow
M075 Portal Temporary Bungalow
M076 Procol
M077 Quality
M078 Reith
M079 Resiform
M080 Riley
M081 Roften
M082 Rothschild
M083 Rotinoff
M084 RTB Temporary Bungalow
M085 Rubery Owen
M086 Seco
M087 Shipston Aluminium
M088 Spaceway
M089 Steane
M090 Stewart & Lloyd
M091 Stuart
M092 Symplex
M093 Telford
M094 Thames
M095 Thorncliffe
M096 Trusteel 3M
M097 Trusteel Mk II
M098 Turner & Newall
M099 Unitroy
M100 Universal Temporary Bungalow
M101 Universal Type I
M102 Universal Type II
M103 WH
M104 Wilson
AM001 Adams
AM002 Anchorloc
AM003 Anderson Permanent House
AM004 Arlon
AM005 Bailey Stratton
AM006 Boyd
AM007 Braby
AM008 Braddock
AM009 Broadway
AM010 Brodie
AM011 Buckwyn
AM012 Canister
AM013 Clements
AM014 Copeland
AM015 Coseley
AM016 Fewac
AM017 Fillod
AM018 Fincast
AM019 Fromson
AM020 Intercon
AM021 Mackay H & Sons
AM022 MC2
AM023 Modform
AM024 Opperman
AM025 Parcrete
AM026 Sanders-Foster
AM027 Scott & Middleton
AM028 Structural and Mechanical Engineering
AM029 Stuart Scheme II
AM030 Swiftplan Multiflex H
AM031 Thermostatic Steel House
AM032 Town & Vale
AM033 Trellit
AM035 Tubrick
AM036 Veneercraft
AM037 Waldic