Lowton-Cubitt Steel Framed House

Lowton-Cubitt Steel Framed House 1
  • Also known as: Cubitt, LC, LC System and Modulow. 
  • Manufacturer: Cubitts Construction Systems Ltd-Lowton-Cubitt Housing Ltd. 
  • Period Built: 1964 – 1970s.
  • Number Built: 3700.
  • Designer: Lowton Construction Group.
Lowton-Cubitt Steel Framed House 2

Lowton-Cubitt Identification Characteristics:

  • 2-storey terraced houses.
  • Brick panels at separating wall.
  • Gable wall of brick throughout, or mathematical tiles to eaves level, and vertical timber boarding at apex.
  • Brick or mathematical tiles returned around front and rear walls.
  • Some dwellings have integral garages and utility rooms on ground floor giving appearance of 3-storey house
  • Medium pitch gable roof covered with interlocking concrete tiles.
  • External walls of tile hanging, PVC shiplap boarding, or render

Notes for Surveyors:

  • Minor to moderate corrosion of RSC frame and RS hollow box stanchions, particularly at external wall bases located below DPC.
  • Damaged, loose or missing holding down bolts.
  • Vertical and horizontal cracking of gas concrete panels, particularly in separating wall.
  • Rain penetration at infill panel-brick joints.
  • (The system was also used for flats)

Lowton-Cubitt Downloads

Peulwys-Estate Lowton Cubitt Case Study

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