Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Solutions For Your BISF House

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Solutions For Your BISF House

The UK’s Leading steel roofing manufacturer Metrotile, is constantly undertaking a wide range of commercial & domestic projects Nationwide to replace and refurbish hundreds BISF roofs that have stood up to the UK’s harsh weather conditions since being installed & built shortly after the Second World War.

Metrotile is currently undertaking major refurbishment programmes with a number of local authorities, including Bristol, Oxford, Swindon, Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea, with several hundred properties currently being refurbished across the UK.

The lightweight nature of the Metrotile steel roofing system has been a major factor in the huge popularity of the product – with a weight typically one seventh that of concrete or slate tiles. As a result, the structural load placed onto the BISF roof frame is considerably less than the roof material being replaced, whilst the speed with which the material can be installed is significantly quicker, given its low weight and large format characteristics.

The superb quality of the Metrotile system ensures that the aesthetics and performance of the product and materials used is second to none.

Non Standard are so confident in the quality of the Metrotile product that we highly recommend fitting it on your house or refurbishment product. This is the first time that we have ever endorsed a product and we are proud to do so, such is the faith that we have in Metrotile and the extremely helpful and dedicated team at

Metrotile offer a wide range of products in a great selection of colours and styles to suit any home. We particularly like the grey slate finish as we think it compliments the unique styling of the BISF House giving it an instant modern and clean look.

metrotile slate
metrotile bond

Metrotiles service doesn’t simply stop with great products! They can also provide you with independent local installers who can take care of every aspect of your roof replacement from start to finish.

Replacing your roof can be a considerable investment for you and your property. We suggest obtaining a number of quotes from reputable companies as a poorly fitted roof can prove to be very costly.

You should also be aware that your quotation will/should include scaffolding erection to comply with Health & Safety Regulations and may include a safe asbestos removal & disposal fee. Both of these requirements will raise the cost of your installation but remember that they additional requirements for you Health & Your Safety as well as for the installers.

Never choose any roofing product from a door to door caller. Installations made by unskilled workers can prove to be dangerous and defective no matter how cheap they appear to be.

Remember if you are unsure of which installer to choose, simply contact Metrotile for a list of independent installers in you area.

Log on to and discover the many benefits of Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing Systems and request a free quotation. Source your entire rooftop from one place, from battens to Photovoltaics, all backed by Metrotile’s industry-leading forty-year weatherproof guarantee.