My ground floor layout

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Having lived in a BISF house for 20 odd years we have moved the ground floor layout about to suite our needs various times over the years. When the kids were young we had the whole lot open plan but as the family has got older its nice to have a few separate rooms.

At the moment I have the front room split from the back and I have the kitchen running right along the back of the house with a downstairs WC where the back door used to be. With a conservatory dining room this makes a huge kitchen / diner which is a great family room and the living room separate from all the cooking smells and noise :)

I have put a wall up the side of the staircase which is double boarded and insulated so you cant hear what music or TV is going on upstairs/downstairs and put in a false fireplace to house the TV and all digital stuff.

The addition of a bay window in the front lets loads of light in and makes the room feel bigger and a porch helps prevent you opening to front door to the street with the downstairs hall way  wall removed.

As a builder I love my BISF house as its so much easier to move walls around and the steels are there for you to just work around :)


    1. Hi

      Yes I have attached the images, I have kept my bay the full height of the window opening, I know some people brick up to make the window smaller but I wanted as much window as possible Smile