BISF Owner EWI & Solar Panel Questions?

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There are many BISF houses in and around my street. Though, the exterior varies considerably.
Have some of the houses had external wall insulation (EWI) put on them?
I want to make my house as energy efficient as possible and have been told under the Green Deal the house can be externally clad to make it more energy efficient.
Is this cost effective?
Also, my backyard (rear roof) of the house has sunlight from dawn until dusk.
Would it be effective to have Solar PV panels put on the roof & is also cost effective?


  1. Hello Mikallaane
    External wall insulation can in most cases significantly reduce the cost of your fuel bills and there is every possibility that many houses in your street have already benefited from EWI as part of a Council or Housing association improvement project.
    We are currently looking into EWI under the Green deal for one of our properties however there is some debate at the moment as to what amount of subsidised funding is available under ECO (energy company obligation).
    ECO has certain certain criteria that allows a large bulk of the EWI cost to be funded this reducing your own cash input. It has been suggested that all owners of hard to treat houses may automatically be eligible and if they are they would bypass the standard criteria which would require the applicant to be in receipt of certain types of benefit.
    So before we make any in-depth recommendations as to the merits of the The Green Deal Scheme we are doing our best to clarify this matter with DECC (The Department of Energy & Climate Change).
    We hope to update you as soon as we get a response from our query, so it may be worth sitting tight for the time being.