Non Standard Mortgage Lending

We understand that finding a Mortgage provider for any Non Standard or Non Traditional property can be somewhat of a challenge. We have created a list of Mortgage providers below detailing their current lending criteria in relation to BISF houses and in due course we shall extend this list to include all non traditional property types.

Please understand that this list is current as of the date of posting but lenders do have a tendency to change or vary their lending criteria at short notice or on a case by case basis. Before applying for any Mortgage, you should contact the lender directly to confirm that they will be willing to lend on your property type and please remember that all mortgages will be subject to a survey that may raise issues that the lender will not accept.

This list is provided for guidance and entertainment purposes only and should be read with this in mind, we take no responsibility for its accuracy or any costs that you may incur as a result of using or acting upon the information provided.

Most lenders provide a copy of their current lending criteria online, simply search using your chosen lenders name with the words lending criteria immediately after. Example – “Santander lending criteria”

If you have a mortgage with a company not listed above, please let us know in the comments below.

As always, we encourage you to share your own mortgage application experiences, both good and bad in the comments area below for benefit of other applicants.

 LenderSteel Framed
Subject to survey
accord mortgagesAccordYes
Subject to survey
HalifaxYes Subject to survey
kensingtonKensingtonAwaiting Clarification
leedsLeedsSteel-framed properties are not normally acceptable. However, these may be considered where the valuer states that the re-saleability is unaffected and is subject to a durable outer leaf (e.g., of brick, block or stone). Also a Structural Engineers report would be required, confirming that the structural frame is in a satisfactory condition and free from corrosion, where bolted to the floor slab.
NationwideNationwidecontact service centre
northern-rockNorthern RockAwaiting Clarification
Nat WestNat WestYes -Providing the valuer confirms their saleability and suitability for mortgage purposes, we can lend against the following:- No-fines concrete construction. Steel framed houses.
scottishwidows_logoScottish WidowsAwaiting Clarification
woolwichlogoWoolwichEarly steel frame construction – not normally considered suitable security but may be looked at by a surveyor if a Structural Engineer’s Report is obtained. Please contact the Intermediary Support Team for extra information
West_Bromwich_Building_SocietyWest BromwichNo to Defective steel or concrete properties
dragonfly-finance-llDragonfly Property FinanceNO (except new build properties)
EndsleighSteel framed construction - if with standard exterior only (brick/stone).
skipton-building-society-logo-aug-2012-185x114skipton-intermediariesSkipton does not accept steel frame dwellings unless a structural engineer’s report (of the steel frame) is obtained and all recommended work within that report is carried out and the mortgage valuer confirms that the property is suitable for mortgage purposes. (A structural engineer’s report is essential as a valuer is not able to ascertain the condition of the steel framework merely by carrying out a mortgage valuation)
Mortgages for ChristiansNo
logoFairfield FinanceYes - Access to lenders
Virgin-MoneyVirgin MoneyReferral to underwriter
Bridging Finance SolutionsNo
downloadThe NottinghamAny construction covered by Housing Defect legislation, such as
High alumina cement; prefabricated reinforced concrete; large panel system; BISF *******
Paragon MortgagesNo
hsbc-logo1a-185x114HSBCBISF Mortgages have been approved
POM_Header_Desktop_Logo_177x59 (1)Post Office MoneySome non-traditional forms of construction won’t be accepted. If the property is built from anything other than brick or stone, if the roof is not tile or slate, or if it's a self-built property, please call for further details.