Open Plan of Ground Floor Options?

Firstly, thanks for all the useful posts and comments on this site – we bought our BISF home last year and have found this site unbelievably useful in answering questions the estate agent wouldn’t have had a clue how to answer!

We are in the process of redoing the internal parts of the house now having had new stone cladding and a new roof done when we moved in.
We are planning on taking down the whole wall between the dining room and sitting room but I seem to remember a post on here that said there are two vertical beams at intervals along the middle of the ground floor…is this correct?
We will be taking out the flue in a couple of weeks so the plan had been to take the whole wall down but from ripping the start of it down today we appear to have a steel thin beam alongside the flue boxing. Can we remove this? Will post pics once all work is done!!
Thank you I’m advance for any advice!


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  1. I knew I’d seen that somewhere, thank you for directing me to that post! Good to know, we are thinking of taking the wall down still and then working a shelving unit between the stanchion and the kitchen wall so we can still get plenty of light in through the house. This site is a god send! Thank you so much for your help!