Own a BISF House With Old Asbestos Roof and No Wall Insulation.

Own a BISF House With Old Asbestos Roof and No Wall Insulation. 1

We would like to know if anyone has had work carried out under the eco deal, or if there is information available.
We want to replace the roof and are hoping if there is any assistance with the funding for this as I am told it can be quite expensive.
Any help or info would be appreciated.
Many thanks


  1. Hello Carl
    It’s going to be pretty hard to find someone who has had experience with ECO or indeed the Green Deal at this time as it is still in the early stages of inception.
    I have tried to obtain similar information for a friend, even so far as registering for a survey under the Governments Green Deal Scheme and if applicable ECO could have been included to fund further improvements based on income. However my own experience with our Local Council who are jointly running the scheme with a very well known major ‘insulation company’ was nothing short of farce like.
    No one could provide any solid or reliable information or figures. It took months to even arrange a survey which is required and even when we did, it was re-scheduled several times before finally gave up.
    We had intended to cover the full thermal renovation of a BISF house under ECO and the Green Deal from start to finish and publish our results for our members but sadly despite months of planning and countless telephone calls our project did not go ahead.
    Don’t let this put you off though. Many companies and councils are taking part in the scheme, just check before hand if the roof itself is covered but don’t be surprised if the person that you speak to is clueless. Also check to see if the survey is free as some companies do charge.

    I hope this helps.