Permarock External Wall Insulation For BISF Houses

PermaRock External Wall Insulation:


For many existing buildings including BISF Houses, the thermal performance of the external walls falls well below the standards required by current Building Regulations with heat energy losses through the walls being of an unacceptably high level by today’s standards.

Many BISF buildings were designed with very little insulation in the walls, and even those buildings with cavity walls which have subsequently been fitted with cavity insulation can fail to meet the stringent thermal performance requirements of the current Building Regulations and Decent Homes Standards.

Building owners are also faced with ever increasing costs for heating and maintenance whilst at the same time being asked to reduce energy consumption in support of global efforts to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing heat energy losses through the external envelope and eliminating problems associated with condensation and dampness is a key issue.

Complete remodelling of the building façade is also possible with PermaRock. The wide range of decorative finishes and effects that are available with PermaRock systems provides the designer or specifier with the means of creating interesting and aesthetically pleasing façades that either compliment the original style or which can create a whole new impression.

PermaRock systems are available for all types of construction, including solid wall or cavity wall, concrete, steel or timber frame, dense and no-fines concrete, brick and stone, rendered, metal clad, tile clad or timber clad structures. PermaRock systems have been designed for use on high and low rise buildings, for traditional and non-traditional forms of construction, including many pre-cast reinforced concrete (PRC) types, in exposure conditions ranging from sheltered to very severe.

PermaRock systems can achieve very high standards of thermal insulation, not only up to current Building Regulations requirements for new buildings but also beyond predicted future energy-saving and CO2 -reduction requirements: PermaRock systems can be designed to meet or exceed any future reduction in U values that may be imposed.

PermaRock systems can provide all levels of rejuvenation from a simple aesthetic uplift, using a high performance exterior render system, to full thermal performance improvements, elimination of cold bridging and condensation using a fully accredited external wall insulation system (EWI).

A PermaRock EWI system provides immediate benefits in terms of heat loss reductions and savings in heat energy costs. The system protects the building fabric, extending the useful life of the structure, and offers the opportunity for improving the appearance using any of our range of low maintenance exterior finishes and effects.

‘Hard To Treat’ Homes – Solid Wall & Non-Traditional Housing

PermaRock systems have been used extensively across the UK, from the Shetland Islands and Western Isles in the North, to the extremities of Cornwall in the far South West, in urban and rural environments and in exposed and sheltered locations. PermaRock systems are designed to provide thermal and aesthetic improvements to all forms of housing but are especially suited for application onto ‘Hard To Treat’ homes, such as solid wall and non-traditional housing including BISF or where cavity wall insulation is not suitable or possible. PermaRock external wall insulation (EWI) systems provide a thermal jacketing effect that stabilises the structure by reducing thermal movements whilst protecting the building fabric from water and weathering, extending the buildings useful life by a minimum of 30 years.

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