Does My House Need A Repair Certificate?

Does My House Need A Repair Certificate? 1

Does My House Need A Repair Certificate?

Guest Question: I currently have my BISF house up for sale and I have found a prospective buyer. The problem is that years ago, my house was externally renovated by the local Council and my buyers are asking for a certificate of repair. They have been told that without this certificate, my house in not mortgageable. Is this correct?

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Answer: It sounds like your prospective buyers are receiving incorrect and confusing information relating to PRC houses, which do require a repair certificate but which have no relation or bearing to a BISF constructed House.

Airey House
Original Airey Construction

Non-Traditional homes were built in a number of different ways including steel framed, timber framed and Pre-cast reinforced concrete or PRC as they are better known. PRC houses do require certification for repair works in order for them to be considered mortgageable, as they are classed as defective under housing defects legislation.

The Housing Defects Act of 1984 and the later 1985 Housing Act, condemned many non-traditional properties including PRC properties as defective. Most of the problems in PRC houses related to corrosion of steel reinforcement bars that were embedded inside the concrete panels, causing severe deterioration of the structure.
Mortgage providers refused to lend on these properties unless they were repaired under an approved Government backed repair scheme. After repair, a certificate was issued and the property was only then considered a suitable mortgage risk.
Examples of PRC built homes include, Airey and Cornish  properties, 26 variants  are listed as defective under the Act and also include, Unity, Wates, Woolaway, Hawksley and Reema Hollow Panel constructions.

BISF Houses on the other hand are not PRC houses nor are they considered defective, and as such a BISF House does NOT REQUIRE CERTIFICATION for any repair or renovation works carried out to make it mortgageable.
Whilst it may be a useful selling tool if can provide evidence for any works undertaken to your home, unlike a PRC Houses it is not a requirement of sale and it certainly does not make your home less mortgageable if you do not have any supporting documentation. Some Councils may be able to provide you with details of your renovation work however they are not required to provide any certification.