Quikbild – Llewellyn Timber Framed

quikbild timber framed house

Manufacturer: Walter Llewellyn & Sons Ltd – Quikbild Homes Ltd

Designers: W A Fairhurst/ Melville Dundas & Whitson Ltd
Period built: 1965 -1980’s
Number built: 12,000
Also known as : Llewellyn – Llewellyn Shells

Frequently misspelled as Quickbuild.

quikbild flats Romford
Quikbild – Sevenoaks Close Romford

The Quikbild system of dwellings were produced between 1965 and the 1980’s.

Quikbild Dwellings were constructed as bungalows, 2- or 3-storey, semi-detached and terraced houses and flats.
Constructed with medium pitch gable or mansard roofs, covered with tiles, or in some cases a flat roof, covered with bituminous felt.
The external walls are generally of brick throughout or up to the first floor level, with tile hanging, profiled aluminium or plastics sheets or horizontal timber boarding above.
The majority of Quikbild dwellings have a 2 or 3-storey feature panel of horizontal timber boarding or in some cases plastic weatherboarding fixed between windows.
Some Quikbild dwellings have horizontal timber boarding or plastics sheet below some of the ground floor windows.
Certain Quikbild dwellings have a single storey flat roof entrance porch or pitched canopy over front door.


  • Cracks observed in brick external walls.
  • Minor looseness of wall ties.
  • Movement of some window sills.
  • Internal surface condensation.
  • Breakdown of foam insulation in external wall cavities.
  • Corrosion of foil-backing to plasterboard linings.
  • Minor corrosion of bracing straps.
  • Inaccurate nailing of plywood sarking.
  • The Quikbild system was also used in the construction of flats.
Image of a Quikbild House, Rednal, Birmingham.
Quikbild Houses, Radnor Close, Rubery, Rednal. Birmingham.


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