Replacing a BISF House Front Door

Replacing a BISF House Front Door 1
Replacing a BISF House Front Door 2

We are continuing to renovate our house in Sheldon B26.
The front door is very wide and I have been told I will need to have a new one made!!.
Surrounding council house have had new narrower doors fitted, what will be around the original door frame, will it be steel?
Our house is the type which has compressed straw outer walls. Any advice will be welcome. (If Denton is looking, have you replaced yours?)

Thanks, its a great site.


  1. Hi Rupert,

    Yes easy to replace and the uPVC frame fits inside the existing Steel frame as the full original door does which doesn’t give you that much of an unusual width at all (9250 if i remember when I did mine). Hight is not a huge issue either as its very simple to use fillers to bring the height down and fit any standard off the shelf size door and box it in from both sides.


  2. Hi Rupert, our front door has been replaced and our back door is original. I was not aware that the original door was unusually wide. The original door frame is pressed steel and the timber door fitted directly against the steel jam as in our kitchen. However, a PVC door is as far as I’m aware always fitted in a matching frame (ie you can’t have a new PVC door in an original frame) and the new frame is fitted inside the original steel frame. Therefore the new door is smaller than the old as the opening size is reduced.

    If you are renovating the hall too I would recommend replacing the inner steel reveal around the door as Grangey has done and I plan to do as it is a very bad cold bridge and must let a lot of heat escape.