Roof replacement costs?

Roof replacement costs?

Hi I was thinking of buying a BISF house but it still has the old roof and I was wondering how much it would cost to replace?
Also if it was to have a contractual survey how much would it cost for the survey and what would renovation costs be?

Also the house has no radiators or boiler so they would need to be fitted also, would anyone have an idea as to the cost of this too?


  1. Hi i could really do with a quote for a new roof. NN17 area. Whole house is in its original state. Would look to reclad the first floor too if you can recommend anyone. Looking at the slate colours for both roof and walls.



    1. Hi Laura
      I would suggest speaking to Hugh Mclaughlin at Britmet Tileform.

      Hugh is very helpful and he has a comprehensive list of approved installers. I’m sure he can put you in touch with the right person to give you a competitive quote.

      You can contact Hugh on 01295 250 998 or send me your contact details at @bi*.com" data-original-string="L43v3JfR5uFDawGze5/2DNn8IDDPXH/6q3hqqT48sYw=" title="This contact has been encoded by Anti-Spam by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.">ad@bi*******.com and I will pass them on to Hugh for you.

  2. Hi Rich, I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of the firm.
    They came calling door to door but as my original asbestos roof is in good condition I didn’t look into whether they were reputable.

  3. Hi,

    I had a new Decra roof fitted in 2010 and it cost just under £7000. This included scaffholding, facias, soffits, down pipes, guttering and same for the porch. The old roof was intact and they cross battoned over the top of Tyvek membrane. Very pleased with it.

    hope this helps

  4. I’d be interested to get an idea of the cost of a replacement roof too. I’m currently thinking of buying a BISF house in Birmingham (B26).

    Would also like to hear from anyone else with a BISF house in the same area, as I’ve heard worrying things about entire ceilings being made from asbestos on some developments, and I wondered what the extent of the asbestos content is in the Sheldon houses?

    1. Hi Lynne and welcome! I would be surprised if the ceilings are really asbestos because that sounds unlikely, but BISF houses do seem to throw up some unexpected things. Though the structure of the main house is always the same, and they were built from the same plan, it seems the details and materials used for the non-structural parts varied, probably depending on what was available.

      Denton is probably your man to answer your question, as I think he’s in that part of Birmingham.

    2. Just to add my ceilings in Bath are plasterboard downstairs and low density fibreboard upstairs and that seems to be typical for BISF houses. Denton’s are quite different from mine and it seems the Sheldon BISF houses are not so typical.

      1. Yes Ed, I saw Denton’s posting that he’d bought in Sheldon and that he seemed to have plasterboard walls upstairs – though IIRC he (or she?) later – possibly on the dressing room thread? – said that it had turned out to be something else. I don’t remember the ceilings being mentioned though.
        I got the impression that admin might be in this area too?

    3. Hi Lynne
      As Ed has pointed out it is highly unlikely that the ceiling will be constructed from asbestos. To date I am not aware of a single report where this has been the case.

      People can often confuse the fibreboard panels often used to cover the ceilings instead of plasterboard as being asbestos which they are not.

      As Ed suggests a closer examination from the loft space would be your best course of action. The fibreboard is pretty soft compared to plasterboad and you may even see large almost straw like fibres inside it.

      1. Thanks – yes, I suspect the asbestos ceilings may have been a misdiagnosis. I doubt whether I’ll be allowed to look in the loft though; on other viewings when I’ve asked I’ve been told that the agent’s insurance doesn’t cover them for loft access.

        1. I guess it depends on the estate agent involved – mine was happy to let me poke about up there in the loft.

          There are a few things that the asbestos ceiling report could be from, firstly as you probably know most BISF houses were built with asbestos roofs. Sorry to harp on about it, but the asbestos roof makes much more difference to the mortagability than the BISF construction itself so make sure if it has one that your chosen mortgage provider will accept it, otherwise they are likely to decline the house at survey and charge you for it (my experience). Halifax was the only provider I could find that would accept a house with an asbestos roof, but there may be more.

          Also, it seems a typical BISF house has asbestos in the construction of the outhouse, but neither mine nor Denton’s does it seems.

          Lastly, many older, textured ceiling coatings like Artex have asbestos in them, so that may have given rise to the asbestos ceiling story, but obviously you could find that on the ceiling of any older house.

          Denton’s house has a strange fibreboard that looks as though it’s made from sawdust or straw while mine has a soft, spongy LDF on the upstairs ceilings. It’s like soft, spongy cardboard almost.

          I was quoted £3-£4000 for re-roofing, but I don’t remember exactly as the original asbestos roofing is still in good condition so I thought it would be better to spend the money on refurbishments that are of more immediate benefit.

  5. Hello Roberta

    Welcome to BISF House!

    Replacement roof costs do tend to vary depending on your location. Can you provide an indication as to your county please?
    Most people tend to go for Decratile or Metrotile roofing systems which are approved by mortgage companies.
    If you can provide your general location I will do my best to obtain a general estimation for you but of course if you did decide to contact an installer yourself the price may vary somewhat.

    As for central heating I would estimate costs between £2,500 – £3000 but again this could fluctuate depending on your area and the company selected.
    In General I have found that installations in the Greater London area can be more expensive due to higher labour costs.

    I am unable to provide a price for surveys as each companies price can vary considerable and renovation costs too can differ dramaticaly depending on the extent of the renovation.

    What level of renovation would you be thinking of?

    I look forward to your reply.