1. I don’t think the asbestos roof is necessarily a reason to not consider it. As Marc said, it’s not harmful if left undisturbed (ie not drilled or cut).

    You should also consider that very often the asbestos roof is in good condition for its age and not in need of replacement in the short term. Certainly mine shows no sign of significant deterioration.

    As the asbestos roof normally means the house is significantly discounted, this can be quite an advantage if the roof has a good number of years left in it.

    1. Hi Smead, it does incur a cost, there’s no doubt about that and some lenders arn’t so happy about the asbestos roofs for mortgage purposes but others here have had no problem.
      It doesn’t pose a risk unless it is damaged.
      Of course you could always use the replacement cost as a haggling tool to reduce your offer by a further 6-8K.
      Just a thought.

  2. Hi Smead
    I would say that if the property has a roof similar to this one from Google Streetview of Dilcock Way Coventry then yes it almost certainly would be asbestos.
    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but expect to pay anywhere between 6K-8K for a steel tile replacement. The tiles themselves cost around 2k supplied but it is the asbestos removal, scaffolding and labour etc that raises the price. I do know people who have had a replacement roof for much less but they used a non specialist roofer.