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This register lists all currently known BISF houses locations in Scotland.
If you are aware of a street or locations that are not listed here, please inform us using the comments section below.
Streetview LinkLocationPostal codeContractor
Meadowhead AvenueAddiewell, West CalderJ Miller & Partners
Meadowhead GroveAddiewell, West CalderJ Miller & Partners
Meadowhead LoanAddiewell, West CalderJ Miller & Partners
Barochan CrescentPaisley, RenfrewshireJ Y Keaney LTD
Moir CrescentAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
Cummings Park CrescentAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
Cummings Park CircleAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
North Anderson DriveAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
Provost Rust DriveAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
Moir AvenueAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
Moir GreenAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
Bramble BraeAberdeenAB16John Bisset & Sons / W.J Anderson LTD
Blantyre PlaceDundee, ScotlandDD3
Camperdown RoadDundee, ScotlandDD3
Livingstone PlaceDundeeDD3Chas Grey Builders LTD
Livingstone TerraceDundeeDD3Chas Grey Builders LTD
Eskdale Avenue DundeeDD3John Carnegie & Sons
Annadale AvenueDundeeDD3John Carnegie & Sons
Lauderdale AvenueDundeeDD3John Carnegie & Sons
Nithsdale AvenueDundeeDD3John Carnegie & Sons
Teviotdale AvenueDundeeDD3John Carnegie & Sons
Coan RoadDundeeDD3
Cliffburn RoadArbroath
DD11Charles Dick & Sons
Saint Ninians RoadArbroathDD11Charles Dick & Sons
Saint Andrews CrescentArbroathDD11Charles Dick & Sons
Frederick StreetDundeeEH7
Craigour DriveEdinburghEH7J Miller / W & J.R Watson LTD
Craigour TerraceEdinburghEH7J Miller / W & J.R Watson LTD
Craigour GroveEdinburghEH7J Miller / W & J.R Watson LTD
Craigour CrescentEdinburghEH7J Miller / W & J.R Watson LTD
Fernieside DriveEdinburghEH7J Miller / W & J.R Watson LTD
Craigour LoanEdinburghEH7J Miller / W & J.R Watson LTD
Carrick CrescentDalkeith, MidlothianEH22
Roanshead RoadDalkeith, MidlothianEH22
Mayburn RoadDalkeith, MidlothianEH22
Lothian DriveDalkeith, MidlothianEH22
Parkhead PlaceDalkeith, MidlothianEH22
Ladeside RoadBlackburn, W.LothianEH47W & J.R Watson LTD
Ladeside DriveBlackburn, W.LothianEH47W & J.R Watson LTD
Wilson TerraceBroxburn, West Lothian, ScotlandEH52
Meadowhead CrescentWest CalderEH55J Miller & Partners LTD
Meadowhead TerraceWest CalderEH55J Miller & Partners
Meadowhead GardensWest CalderEH55J Miller & Partners
Balcastle Road Slamannan, FalkirkFK1J Miller & Partners LTD
Saint Laurence CrescentSlamannan, FalkirkFK1J Miller & Partners LTD
Culloch RoadSlamannan, FalkirkFK1J Miller & Partners LTD
Craighall RoadStirlingFK8J Miller & Partners LTD
Craigforth CrescentStirlingFK8J Miller & Partners LTD
Ryefield RoadGlasgow, Glasgow CityG21
Ryemount RoadGlasgow, Glasgow CityG21
Ryside RoadGlasgow, Glasgow CityG21
Sidland RoadGlasgow, Glasgow CityG21
Leehill RoadGlasgow CityG21John Train & Co LTD
Everard DriveGlasgow CityG21John Train & Co LTD
Everard PlaceGlasgowG21John Train & Co LTD
Everard QuadrantGlasgowG21John Train & Co LTD
Sidland RoadGlasgowG21A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Ryemount RoadGlasgowG21A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Ryefield RoadGlasgowG21A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Ryeside RoadGlasgowG21A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Rye RoadGlasgowG21A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Gartons RoadGlasgowG21A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Greenend PlaceGlasgow, Glasgow CityG32
Inchkeith PlaceGlasgow, Glasgow CityG32
Larchgrove PlaceGlasgow, LanarkshireG32
Larchgrove RoadGlasgow, LanarkshireG32
Moredun CrescentGlasgow, Glasgow CityG32
Moredun StreetGlasgow, Glasgow CityG32
Tanfield PlaceGlasgowG32
Tanfield StreetGlasgowG32
Tynecastle CrescentGlasgowG32
Tynecastle StreetGlasgowG32
Glendale CrescentBishopbriggs, Glasgow, East DunbartonshireG64
Glendale DriveBishopbriggs, Glasgow, East DunbartonshireG64
KincardineBishopbriggs, Glasgow, East DunbartonshireG64
Craighall QuadrantNeilston, GlasgowG78John Train & Son
Craig RoadNeilston, GlasgowG78John Train & Son
Maclellan RoadNeilston, GlasgowG78John Train & Son
Kirkton RoadNeilston, GlasgowG78John Train LTD
Dalton AvenueClydebank, West DunbartonshireG81
Atlee AvenueClydebank, West DunbartonshireG81
Kirkwood AvenueClydebank, West DunbartonshireG81
McNeil AvenueClydebank, West DunbartonshireG81
Morrison QuadrantClydebank, West DunbartonshireG81
Boquhanran RoadClydebankG81John Laurence LTD
Overtoun RoadClydebank, West DumbartonshireG81J.Lawrence Glasgow Ltd
Bellsmyre AvenueDumbartonG82Mactaggart & Nickel LTd
Carmen ViewDumbartonG82Mactaggart & Nickel LTd
Loaninghead DriveDumbartonG82Mactaggart & Nickel LTd
Barwood HillDumbartonG82Mactaggart & Nickel LTd
AuchenreochDumbartonG82Mactaggart & Nickel LTd
Aitkenbar DriveDumbartonG82Mactaggart & Nickel LTd
Lomond DriveDumbartonG82Mactaggart & Nickel LTd
Daviot DriveInvernessIV2J Campbell & Sons
Drynie AvenueInvernessIV2J Campbell & Sons
Temple CrescentInvernessIV2J Campbell & Sons
Hilton AvenueInvernessIV2J Campbell & Sons
Old Edingburgh RoadInvernessIV2J Campbell & Sons
Kildonan CrescentInvernessIV2J Campbell & Sons
Druid RoadInvernessIV2J Campbell & Sons
Blacksyke AvenueKilmarnock, East AyrshireKA1
Burnpark RoadKilmarnock, AyrshireKA1
Earlston AvenueKilmarnock, East AyrshireKA1
Samson AvenueKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons
Knockmarloch DriveKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons LTD
Shortlees RoadKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons LTD
Loreny DriveKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons LTD
Blackskye AvenueKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons LTD
Earlston AvenueKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons LTD
Caprington AvenueKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons LTD
Burnpark RoadKilmarnockKA1G Reid & Sons LTD
Leslie CrescentAyr, South AyrshireKA7
Mossgiel RoadAyr, South AyrshireKA7
Mt Oliphant CrescentAyr, South AyrshireKA7
Westwood CrescentAyrKA8
Green Bank DriveCowdenbeath, FifeKY4Richard Street
Hill CrestCowdenbeath, FifeKY4Richard Street
Sinclair DriveCowdenbeath, FifeKY4Richard Street
Benarty AvenueLochgelly, FifeKY5John Best LTD
Lomond CrescentLochgelly, FifeKY5John Best LTD
Benarty AvenueLochgellyKY5W & J.R Watson
Laburnum RoadMethil, FifeKY8Alex Fraser LTD
Rowan CrescentMethil, fifeKY8Alex Fraser LTD
Lilac BankMethil, FifeKY8Alex Fraser LTD
Kirkland WalkMethill, FifeKY8Alex Fraser LTD
Burnside CrescentRosyth, DunfermlineKY11J Best LTD
Burnside StreetRosyth, DunfermlineKY11J Best LTD
Albans CrescentMotherwell, North LanarkshireML1
Chesters CrescentMotherwell, North Lanarkshire ML1
Fort StreetMotherwell, North LanarkshireML1
Watling StreetMotherwell, North LanarkshireML1
Glen StreetNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Hillside CrescentNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Braehead QuadrantNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Brannock AvenueNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Burnside RoadNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Benford AvenueNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Knowe CrescentNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Yett RoadNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Benford KnoweNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Hillside PlaceNewarthill, MotherwellML1
Eastwood DriveWishaw, N. LanarkshireML2A.A. Stuart & Sons LTD
Abernethyn RoadWishaw, N. LanarkshireML2A.A. Stuart & Sons LTD
Almond PlaceCoatbridge, North LanarkshireML5
Beech Drive Caldercruix, AirdrieML6A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Mill StreetCaldercruix, AirdrieML6A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
AshgroveCaldercruix, AirdrieML6A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Elswick DriveCaldercruix, AirdrieML6A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Drumfin AvenueCaldercruix, AirdrieML6A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Calder AvenueCaldercruix, AirdrieML6A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Moss AvenueCaldercruix, AirdrieML6A.A Stuart & Sons LTD
Whiteford RoadPaisley, RenfrewshirePA2
Cartha CrescentPaisley, RenfrewshirePA2
Bardrainney AvenuePort Glasgow, InverclydePA14
East Barmoss AvenuePort Glasgow, InverclydePA14
Moss RoadPort Glasgow, Inverclyde PA14
Quarry RoadPort Glasgow, InverclydePA14
Balloch RoadGreenock, InverclydePA15
Endrick RoadGreenock, InverclydePA15
Fintry RoadGreenock, InverclydePA15
Renton RoadGreenock, InverclydePA15
Leven RoadGreenock, InverclydePA15
Torrance RoadGreenock, InverclydePA15
Balfron RoadGreenock, InverclydePA15
Meadows AvenueCambletown, ArgylePA28R. Weir & Sons
Crosshill AvenueCambletown, ArgylePA28R. Weir & Sons
Range RoadCambletown, ArgylePA28R. Weir & Sons
Glenlochay RoadPerth, Perth & KinrossPH2
Glenalmond TerracePerth, Perth & KinrossPH2
St Ninians RoadArbroath, AngusDD11Charles Dick & Sons
St Andrews CrescentArbroath, AngusDD11Charles Dick & Sons
Kilmichael AvenueNewmains, Lanarkshire.ML2
Calder AvenueNewmains, Lanarkshire.ML2
Glenartney TerracePerth.PH2
Glendevon RoadPerthPH2
Glenalmond Terrace
Glenlochay RoadPerthPH2
Craigie Knowes RoadPerthPH2


    1. Hello Wheezy88, welcome aboard and thank you or a great contribution to our list! We’re always on the lookout for any properties that we might have missed. Thank you once again and we hope you find the site both useful and informative.

  1. Hello Dewar and thank you for your post.
    I have taken a look at Thornburn Crescent via Google Streetview but I cannot see any BISF (British Iron & Steel Federation) houses at this location. I can see various forms of non-traditional constructions but the list above refers only to BISF steel framed houses. At first glance, some of the houses in Thornburn Cres appear to be of concrete construction but it would require investigation to identify the exact type.

  2.  I have Just popped back into this forum to check on any responses from my first post, in relation to trying to find a similar set of house plans, only to realise that your list of BISF Properties for the Scotland area lacks my address.On Thorburn Crescent, Annan there are many numerous Semi-Detached BISF built properties, not only here, but in the immediate local area, there are hundreds…How do you actually update your database, a visit, confirmation via Google ?I hope this helps :-)

  3. I have become aware of a significant number of single storey bungalows in Baird Grove, Edinburgh and Kirkhill Road and Drive, Edinburgh. They appear to have been built by a Thomson& Rae or Rae & Co around 1926/7 and initial investigation shows a roughcast external leaf of 100mm approx. concrete, a wide cavity and plasterboard internal lining on 50×50 battens. Overall wall thickness matches a conventional cavity build.

    1. Hi Sam, I’m re replying to your comment because we appear to have lost some topic replies after a site update during the summer and for that I apologise.

      The Houses in Finavon Terrace aren’t actually BISF houses but from your excellent photograph above, they do appear to be timber framed.

      I am in total awe of the extremely wide variety of non-traditional construction types that have been built in Scotland, many of which appear to have been built in no other parts of the UK.
      I’m currently awaiting a response from Dundee Council for details of construction types used throughout Dundee and in particular, in Finavon, which should provide further information as to each construction type here as Finavon Terrace does appear to have several different build types.

      I hope to update you shortly.


  4. Many thanks Marc for adjusting – you are doing a fab job here with this website, much appreciated.

    Haven’t come across those maisonette style BISF houses yet – sounds interesting though.
    We had plans in converting ours into a 4 bedroom by turning the stair around, however it maybe a future project for now, as it’s a bit challenging to do that kind of project while still living with at least 4 people in the house.

    When looking at some of the photos , it looks as though , that the designs in England/ Wales are a little different from those here in Edinburgh.
    We insulated ours from the inside about 5 years ago and around 17 years ago it got it’s facelift outside – kind of liked the original facing , as it made it look more unique somehow.

  5. Hi

    As I am living in a BISF house in Edinburgh , had noticed that Fredrick Street was down as being in Edinburgh – when clicked on it, as know that Fredrick street in Edinburgh hasn’t got any BISF houses, it actually is in Dundee . Could you please adjust to avoid confusion?
    Also – sorry to be a bit of a stickler – why has Edinburgh got 2 ‘g’ s in it?
    There are other BISF houses in Edinburgh – Burdiehouse area – going to post, once checked out full address info.

    1. Hello IGLOO
      the warmest of welcomes to our community.

      Thank you for pointing out the Dundee Error, this has now been rectified along with the Edinburgh double G error which was caused by auto-insert on my input program. I’m aware of the houses in Burdiehouse as there has been a lot written about the area in various forums and I look forward to adding many more streets to the list once I get the time. As you can imagine, searching and verifying each street takes a great deal of time but solving a few of the site issues we have had with stability has sadly taken precedence just now.

      I Have always been fascinated by the maisonette style BISF Houses that were built around Scotland allowing for four families to live in each pair of dwellings, effectively splitting the houses into flats.

      Is this something that you are familiar with at all?