Question About Selling a BISF house?

Question About Selling a BISF house?


I Would appreciate any information regarding estate agents in the Wolverhampton area who are experienced in selling BISF houses.
A relative has been trying to sell theirs for ages. Its had its roof replaced and cladding applied to all exterior walls.
We think it’s a very comfortable home and has been since the late 40’s when the family moved in.
However, the suggestion now being made is that it go to auction with a guide price of around half the original asking price as its “of non standard construction” and has not been modernised, referring to the remedial work done to brick in the wall spaces that I believe was carried out by many councils.
Even so it’s in good order with UPVC glazing and a brick wet room/utility room extension added. 
I don’t think it’s being marketed correctly but I am no expert so any tips would be appreciated.


  1. Hi Veteran734,

    I think you’re being misled if someone is trying to convince you that a BISF house needs bricking up and that if it hasn’t been done then there’s something wrong with it and it will therefore need to be sold very cheaply.

    There’s no structural need to brick up a BISF house and certainly none here in Bath have been. The housing association have reclad the outside of theirs with UPVC which makes maintenance easier, but most of the privately owned ones have not had this done.

    Maybe look on Zoopla to see what similar houses have sold for nearby. I found the selling prices were all very similar and in fact the same estate agent I bought through has another on the market ( – Newton Road) at almost exactly the same asking price.

  2. Hello Veteran734 welcome to Non Standard House.

    I am currently making some enquiries for you with a local estate agent. I’m awaiting a call back from one of the senior sales managers in the hope that we can assist you.

    It would be helpful if you could provide a little more detail about your property.

    Can you tell me the general area or road that it is located in and which estate agent you are currently using?
    It would also be good to know how long the property has been up for sale and how many viewings you have had to date?

    I would certainly not recommend going to auction and this should only be a last resort as the sale price can be extremely low, but I’m sure you already know this.

    If you can provide this extra information, we will try to find the best agent for your sale.