Silent Assasins Strip Down BISF House

External cladding removed from BISF house

A Silent Assassin has been hard at work completely gutting and stripping his own BISF House!

All Assassins deploy a wide range of skills to target their prey if they are to achieve that final result and the Assassin here is no different. Meticulous planning is also a requirement, if the “job” is to carried out successfully and our Assassin has covered this well. And finally the deployment of stealth, to ensure that the job is carried out without interruption, erasing the prospect of failure and true to form, this also has been achieved.

But this is no ordinary Silent Assassin and there is no underworld contract in place here! We are of course referring to our very own BISF Member Silentassassin, who’s target in this case, has been a BISF House in need of rescue as opposed to destruction.

True to name though, Silent Assassin has carried out his work quietly in the background posting a superb set of images detailing numerous steps of his BISF renovation in the Gallery section of the Non Standard House website for all to see. A set of images that are so impressive that unless you are a regular visitor to the Galleries, you are likely to miss them which we do not recommended.

We have therefore made the decision to  create this special post and include Silentassasins Gallery here on the front page for all to see. We are sure that you will be as fascinated as we have been to follow the renovation process which give a unique view of a fully stripped down BISF House.

Not only did the renovation include the properties interior but Slentassasin also took on the job of replacing the original exterior steel cladding sheets with brand new profiled sheets, a first to be shown here at Non Standard and as far as we are aware the very first time this has been shown on the internet outside, of corporate renovations.

Our thanks go to Silentassain for sharing these images with all of us and for the benefit of BISF homeowners Nationwide and congratulations on your outstanding project.. It is only by sharing individual projects, images, thoughts and ideas that we can all benefit from the knowledge gained, saving time money and resources for all.