In Situ Concrete Houses by Build Type

The reference number listed in front of each house type, is the B.R.E (Building Research Establishment) identification reference for this property type.
The B.R.E produce printed reports for some of these house types can purchase from the B.R.E website.

S001 Aberdeen Corporation
S002 Alderton
S003 Arup
S004 Banton No-Fines
S005 Beco Wallform
S006 Blackburn No-Fines
S007 Boswell
S008 Boyd Gibbons No-Fines
S009 BRS Type 4
S010 Brydon No-Fines
S011 Cast Rendered
S012 Concrete Frames
S013 Conslab
S014 Cook
S015 Corolite
S016 Corvus
S017 Craftcast
S018 Dagenham Special
S019 Diatomite
S020 Doric
S021 Dry-Walls
S022 Duo-Slab
S023 Easiform Type I
S024 Easiform Type II
S025 Edinburgh Foamed Slag
S026 Farrans No-Fines
S027 Fidler
S028 Firmcrete
S029 Foamed Slag
S030 Forrester-Marsh
S031 Gadie
S032 Herald
S033 Incast
S034 Kirton
S035 Lamella
S036 Lowestoft Borough
S037 Maxim
S038 Miller No-Fines
S039 Miller Temporary Bungalow
S040 MOW Demonstration Expanded Clay
S041 MOW Demonstration Foamed Slag

S042 MOW Demonstration No-Fines
S043 Mowlem
S044 O’Sullivan
S045 Parkwall
S046 Permacrete
S047 Quikform
S048 Rumble
S049 Schindler
S050 Solvyt
S051 SSHA No-Fines
S052 SSHA Wartime Cellular Concrete
S053 Sunskeeme
S054 Tenaplas
S055 Unit No-Fines
S056 Universal
S057 Vine & Vine
S058 Wakefield Special
S059 War Office No-Fines
S060 Weir No-Fines
S061 Whatling
S062 Wimpey No-Fines
AS001 Calway
AS002 Combined Concrete Construction
AS003 Ctesiphon
AS004 Davies
AS005 Davis J
AS006 F3C and F4C Concrete Houses
AS007 Firth
AS008 Giles
AS009 Hughes
AS010 Intercon
AS011 Intrad
AS012 King & Howse
AS013 Laidlow Thornton
AS014 Lo Rona
AS015 MacKeown
AS016 Multilite
AS018 Rapirect
AS020 Sidney Stone
AS021 SSHA Commissioners Resumption
AS022 Tayton
AS023 Whitcon