Sketchup BISF House Models By Bob M

Sketchup BISF House Models By Bob M 1

Below we list a selection of interactive BISF House Sketchup Models, created by the Specialist Architecture Practice, Samaniegomorgan who are based in Antipolo in the Philippines.
The practice is headed by the British Architect, Bob Morgan, and Local Partner, Ollie Samaniego.
Email: sa*************@ma**.com

Each of the models is fully interactive. Simply click on the desired image model, wait for the model to load, and you will then be able to navigate freely around the 3D model by left clicking your mouse, and dragging the small navigation icon. You can access full screen mode by clicking the full screen icon on the bottom right hand corner of the image.

BISF House

Combined Airoh & BISF House

BISF House

BISF House Structural Detail