SPS Envirowall EWI Installation Time lapse Video

SPS Envirowall EWI Installation Time lapse Video 1

SPS Envirowall have produced this amazing time lapse video showing the installation of an External Wall Insulation system onto the existing surface of a typical BISF House in Malpas area of Newport, Wales.

There are many different types of External Wall Insulation that can be applied to BISF and solid wall constructed properties.

Each system is fitted in a slightly different way and dependant upon the manufacturers recommendation , for example, in some cases the property is completely over boarded with timber panels on top of which solid sheets of insulation are applied, other systems require total removal of the steel cladding panels from the upper storey of the house before construction of a timber framework onto which EWI panels are supported.

In other cases the insulation sheets are applied directly on top of the existing structure which is then rendered over to create a new clean and attractive surface finish which can be viewed above in the SPS Envirowall video.

The application shown involves the application of Envirowall Polystyrene Insulation fillets to fill the recesses of the steel cladding profile, creating a flat surface onto which a further layer of insulation is then applied. The lower storey is then insulated with combination of Polystyrene and  Kingspan mineral insulation panels depending on the original surface structure underneath. Once the insulation panels have been applied, the property is given a coating of specialist render to complete the project ,

Applying EWI in this manner helps to significantly reduce the overall cost of the project by being less labour intensive and requiring fewer materials than other EWI systems.

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