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Our extensive range of systems is perfect for refurbishment applications. Our range provides you with tailor made solutions within affordable budgets and extends the life of homes way beyond original design expectations. Our decorative render solutions are perfect to give a home the perfect facelift.

BISF Refurbishment & Total Rendering Solutions

For nearly two decades SPS envirowall external wall insulation systems and solid wall insulation systems have been closely involved in the external renovation of older properties.

The vast SPS envirowall product range enables the company to provide tailor made solutions within affordable budgets, extending the life of these houses way beyond their original design expectations without the need for unjustifiably expensive re-builds. A hands on practical approach, generally involving carefully monitored pilot schemes, has shown that any problems that arise, can frequently be overcome without resorting to costly frame and panel replacement.

Much of this renovation work has centred on system built housing. Experience gained on BISF houses in the late eighties has lead to a common sense approach to many other different house types, and SPS now have first hand knowledge regarding most of the common construction types.

This popular system built house, consists of a metal frame clad with a profiled steel sheet on the first floor, with render supported on expanded metal mesh on the ground floor.

Corrosion can be a problem with the metal cladding on the first floor, particularly at eaves level at the bottom of the profiled cladding.
Due to this corrosion some properties have been re-clad in various types of metal cladding since their original construction. Because of this it is important to pay particular attention to the fastener type used to secure the insulation on the first floor. Once any corrosion has been dealt with the BISF house is simple to over clad with external wall insulation without the need to remove the metal cladding.
Fillets of insulation are used within the profiled metal and then further insulation laid over the top and rendered. The insulation on the ground floor can be fixed directly to the existing structure at a thickness that brings into the same plane as the insulation on the first floor. The junction between floors forms a natural break between finishes which lends itself to contrasting finishes, with a brick render finish on the ground floor and dash the first floor proving to be an aesthetic choice.
Variations of the BISF exist with an extended ground floor at the gable, depending on the use of this part of the building render only finishes can be applied where the extension is used for outbuilding purposes or the EWI envelope extended to include the extension where the extension use is internal. There are also a variety of window types found on BISF houses, with metal pods encasing the first floor windows and a large window often over looking the back garden.
Care must be taken to detail around the windows correctly to ensure no cold bridging occurs at the window pods. The sps|envirowall system has been successfully installed on many hundreds of BISF type houses throughout the UK.

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Potential Problems
As mentioned above the re-cladding of the first floor has been done in a variety of materials over the years, and some material have been found to be very thin.

Because of this on-site pull out tests are required for all projects to ensure the
necessary loadings are met. Due to the difference in construction materials between the first and ground floor it is important to allow for any variation in movement between the steel and concrete substrates. This potential problem can be further exaggerated when using different types of insulation to eliminate a step at the mid level. In all cases, even when the same finish is being applied to the both floors we recommend the render system be broken at this point using a surface bell cast bead.

The BISF also has a large metal window pod on the ground floor, even when insulating the reveal, expansion beads need to be fitted from the bottom corners of the window pod down to the base bead to allow for movement caused by the metal pod.

Should you have any queries please contact sps on the details below:

  • Specification
    To achieve 0.35 W/m2K,
  • Adhesive Mortar (5mm) – optional
  • Insulation
  • EPS – 90mm
  • Rockwool -80mmSPS Envirowall Total Rendering Solutions 18
  • Nylon insulation fixings
  • First Floor Insulation
  • EPS – 30mm Fillets
  • Phenolic – 50mm
  • Screws and washers to suit
  • Base coat (4mm)
  • Reinforcement mesh
  • Top Coats (2-15mm)
  • Envirodash
  • Envirobrick
  • Brick Slips
  • Ecorend/Granicem L Monocouche Renders
  • Envirosil/Envirocryl top coat

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