Steel Houses in Coventry

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Just found this site and wish I had known it existed before!
I grew up in a steel house in Canley, Coventry and they were the topic of some sociological research in late 40s/early 50s according to what I found out a few years back.
This is all fascinating for me.
I still use the house I grew up in. Historic Coventry forum also has some recent posts on this very subject.

There’s a lot of Interest growing in these lovely houses!


  1. Hello Rcherry3
    Welcome to our community.
    I’m a frequent Lurker on the Coventry forum and I share your view that there are some very informative posts there.
    I always enjoy listening to peoples recollections of growing up and living in BISF Houses throughout various stages of history. It makes for fascinating reading and I do wish more people would share recollections here also.

    I would very much like to find out more regarding the research that you mention. Do you recall what research was being gathered and who it was conducted by?

    We have several members here from Coventry and whilst undertaking my own research, Coventry stands out for me due to the amount of rebuilding and restructuring after WWII.

    I must also concur that interest in BISF houses has never been stronger than what it is today. They have increased in popularity partly due to awareness and partly value combined with ease of maintenance.

    I look forward to hearing more from you about your memories of life in your BISF house and hope you enjoy our website.