Livett-Cartwright Steel Framed House

BACKGROUND AND IDENTIFICATIONBetween 1944 and 1947 various non-traditional house construction systems were assessed by the Interdepartmental Committee on Housing Construction (Burt Committee) to identify promising systems for development. The Livett-Cartwright steel framed house, which was originally named the Bell-Livett or Leeds Corporation house was just one of a number of new non-standard house building systems

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Non Traditional Houses In Calderdale

This article was first published by Calderdale Council.  NON-TRADITIONAL HOUSING IN CALDERDALE Types of Non-Traditional Housing in CalderdaleAll Non-Traditional House construction types fall into one of the following four categories: Metal Framed Houses  (M)Pre-Cast Concrete Houses (P)In-situ concrete Houses  (S)Timber & framed Houses (T) There are over 500 different non-traditional construction types used in the

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example of a BISF house

British Iron & Steel Federation BISF House

The British Iron & Steel Federation (B.I.S.F) Steel Framed House Manufacturer British Iron & Steel Federation/ British Steel Homes Ltd Architect/ Designer Sir Frederick Gibberd Engineer Donovan Lee Also Known As BISF : British Iron & Steel Federation Number Built 36,053 Duration 1944-50 Prior to the end of WWII, the British Iron & Steel Federation

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MOHLG 5M Steel Framed House

Designer: Ministry of Housing & Local Government Development Group (Patricia Tindale) Period Built: 1963-1970 Number Constructed: 3500 Alternative Name: Clasp 5M The 5M steel framed house is constructed from a lightweight composite steel-and-timber-framed system which was designed by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government Research and Development Group, otherwise referred to as M.O.H.L.G. The 5M was essentially

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Lowton-Cubit Steel Framed House

Also known as: Cubitt, LC, LC System and Modulow.  Manufacturer: Cubitts Construction Systems Ltd-Lowton-Cubitt Housing Ltd.  Period Built: 1964 – 1970s. Number Built: 3700. Designer: Lowton Construction Group. Lowton-Cubitt Identification Characteristics: 2-storey terraced houses. Brick panels at separating wall. Gable wall of brick throughout, or mathematical tiles to eaves level, and vertical timber boarding at

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Atholl Demonstration Houses at Neuk Edinburgh

Atholl 1945 Variant and the first Prototype at Neuk, Edinburgh.. A large number of Atholl Steel houses were built in Scotland immediately after the first World War. A prototype Atholl house had already been put into production in England and after receiving several minor modifications it was also selected for production throughout Scotland between 1946 and

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