Looking For A Structural Surveyor Falkirk Area

Hi all, I am wondering if someone can recommend a structural surveyor in the Falkirk area for a BISF house.  I am purchasing one soon and before everything is done I want to get a survey done to make sure it’s structurally sound.

The House is immaculate and has had a new roof and rough casting done and generally looks well taken care of. But I have been advised by a family member that it be worthwhile getting a survey done.

Thanks for your help


  1. Hello Barthanes, welcome to our website and congratulations on your proposed purchase.

    I would strongly suggest that you contact David at A.J Balfour on  0141 771 6099 they are based in Glasgow and have considerable experience with regard to BISF houses.

    If you check out our Gallery page HERE , you will see the full extent of their work as structural engineers from a previous project but they do also undertake domestic surveys.

    I have spoken to David on your behalf and he is awaiting your call.

    I this helps