BISF Houses in Hemsworth & Kinsley Set For Early Christmas Gift!

Tenants of BISF Houses in Hemsworth & Kinsley Set For Early Christmas Gift!

Not from Santa but from Wakefield & District Housing!

Plans are underway to refurbish around 66 BISF Houses with new roofs and externally insulated walls which will provide warmer and more comfortable homes for residents. The renovations come just in time before the onset of the cold winter months and with energy prices rising as quickly as the temperature falls, the renovations should help to save the residents hard earned cash by reducing energy costs the heating bills just in time for the Christmas period. Annual savings are expected to be around £500 a year which is very welcome news.

The refurbishment project is taking place in two stages. Stage 1 will see work starting on 29 BISF homes in the Kinsley area later this month. Stage 2 will see work on a further  37  BISF homes in the Hemsworth area shortly after but no specific date has yet been set.

Selected WDH owned BISF Homes in , Moorfield Crescent and Moorshutt Road are among those which will be included in the refurbishment. Private homeowners can also be included in the renovation but certain financial terms and conditions would apply.

The renovation work is expected to transform the areas involved with the removal of the corrugated roofing sheets and upper steel wall cladding which caused many to view the houses as Pre-Fabs which of course they are not. The correct term for this type of buildings is “steel framed house” but locals often prefer the term “Tin Tops”.

A similar refurbishment project was completed by WDH earlier in the year with the transformation of 77 non-traditional British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) homes in Airedale.

Future schemes are due to take place in Chequerfield, Pontefract and Flanshaw, Wakefield following completion of the works in Kinsley and Hemsworth.

Homeowners who are not WDH tenants but live in BISF homes can also apply for inclusion in the improvement works by contacting WDH on 01924 247157.