The History Of Bristols Prefabs

Bristol City Council, Watershed and Bristol Museums & Art Gallery Archives have jointly produced an excellent video entitled ‘Bristol Prefabs, hosted by Dave Drew. The video chronicles the proliferation and history of prefab housing in Bristol as part of the ‘Bristol Stories‘ collection of individual, personal digital stories made in Bristol.

Although a BISF house is not strictly speaking a ‘prefab’. it is often referred to as one due to the use of prefabricated panels in its construction. The BISF House was also introduced post war to provide a permanent solution to the housing problem as opposed to the temporary solution offered by true prefabricated buildings.

Sit back and enjoy this excellent production, just click on the image below and you will be taken to the video.

Bristol Stories


  1. Thank you for sharing this very interesting and informative video. It's hard to find much information on the history of prefabs these days as it appears that most of the information available is the same all over the internet.

    I really like this site because it's totally different with a lot of new information that I haven't seen before.

    Keep up the excellent work!