The Valleys Nicole & Her “Tin House”.

The Valleys Nicole & Her "Tin House". 1
The Valleys Nicole & Her "Tin House". 2
The Valleys MTV

The Valleys  Nicole Morris & Her “Tin House”.

The Valleys is an outrageous & raunchy British reality television series based in Cardiff, Wales and broadcast on MTV and follows closely in the footsteps of similar shows such as The Only Way is Essex & Geordie Shaw but with a little more adult humour shall we say.
The cast includes a mixture of several Hot Blooded and scantily clad young reality actors including stylist Nicole Morris aged 19 from Swansea and the show depicts the ups and downs of living with a group of raunchy housemates in the Valleys.

Nicole was brought up and lives in a BISF House in Wales which featured on the first episode of the Valleys which aired in 2012. The show showed Nicole glamorously walking along her local streets wearing a tight and revealing mini skirt and bra top, surrounded by BISF houses.

During episode 1 of season 1, Nicole described her house as a “Tin House” that’s like a “Can of Beans”, before she is shown grinning and pointing toward the walls of her Pink coloured House. To emphasise the the fact that the house was metal, the camera zooms to an scene where Nicole is seen banging on the upper steel cladding of the house from the very unusual open front bedroom window.

Sadly for Nicole she may be returning to her former “Can Of Beans” after being axed from the show during the final broadcast of the current series. Manager of the show, Jordan Reed gave the devastating news to Nicole.
Jordan told her, “I do have a soft spot for you, but the problem is, you don’t know what you’re good at, so how can we know what you’re good at. And we’ve just got to a point where we can’t work with you any longer.”
Cue lots (and we mean lots) of crying from the cast, while viewers we were left to guess who will be joining the show for series three.