1. Is it a pink tile fireplace by any chance? A friend of mine has one exactly the same as ours in his (non-BISF) house, so I think they were standard issue for council housing at one time. Certainly it doesn’t even fit properly on the fire box thing (it sticks out in front of the mantle piece), so it obviously wasn’t designed for a BISF house.

    I remember now that he said it was a bit tricky to remove as the tiles and reinforced concrete back are one unit. It wasn’t a case of just prizing the tiles off as I imagined.


  2. Hi Sean, do you mean just the tiled surround or the whole fireplace unit? None of it contains asbestos as far as I’m aware. You can remove the whole unit, flue etc, it is a big job but I wouldn’t say difficult. You can see a post about it here:

    I don’t think it would be difficult just to remove the tiles and concrete on the front. That’s what I plan to do and just leave an open decorative (non-functional) fireplace.