1. Hi Sam and welcome,
      There aren’t any BISF houses in Finavon Terrace but that’s no problem as we discuss all types of steel houses here too.
      I believe that your house is an Atholl 1945 house, one of 1600 steel framed houses built between 1945-48.

      We are currently working on another website that will incorporate all non-standard build types and it would be great if you could keep us updated as to how your extension progresses.

  1. It’s always great to hear other BISF homeowners extending and improving their own properties.
    Adding an extra bedroom is probably one of the top improvements that you can make to add value to your property whilst adding more space for you and your family.

    In one street that I have been monotoring the highest value 3 bedroom house ever sold in the street was £175k, and that was at the height of the property boom.

    However, toward the end of summer 2016, the first 4 bedroom extended property went on the market. (This house had simply converted the side garage into a single storey ground floor bedroom but it also had a small ground floor rear extension too.)

    The house was valued at £245k and during the first weekend over 15 viewings took place on the very first day.

    The owner actually accepted £215k simply because they wanted a quick sale with no chain but they also know that they could have held out for more money than this if they weren’t in a rush to sell.

    In my opinion, apart from external insulation, a bedroom extension is one of the most cost effective ways to increase the value of your home.

    Good luck both and please try to take some photographs of your progress and share your tips and experiences as your builds progress.

    It would be great to follow your projects.


    1. Thanks Marc, I intend to keep lots of images as things unfold. Is there a way to bulk upload pics to a post? I’ve removed the fire place and cage in the front room on the ground floor already and intend to install a wood burner.

      We’re on the edge of London and close to Crossrail, so prices here have gone nuts in recent years. We bought for 375k but a house with a 2-storey side addition (bedrooms added on ground and 1st floor to make 5) just went on the mkt for £525k.

  2. First quote for drawings and handling planning permission and building regs was around the 3.5k mark but in addition we may need to get a build over permit from the water board as there’s a sewage route on the plot. Also would need to add structural engineer costs to that. We’ve got 2/3 more architects to speak to so will see how these costs compare.

  3. Hi there, we are currently gathering quotes for planning and drawing works for exactly this. There are about 5/6 other BISF houses close to us who have all had two-storey side exts done. and the guy over the road from us is a builder and he’s popped in to have a look. He has done his own and had no issues – even removed some of the stanchions they say you shouldn’t. Will keep you updated with how we progress.

    1. That would be great if you could keep me updated Smile We are hoping do a extension next year but not sure how much it would cost so if you could let me know what prices you have had that would be great to. Thank you