Unbelievable BISF Extension!

bisf extension

Whilst updating our ever growing BISF Street register, we came across perhaps the most unbelievable BISF extension that we had ever seen. What makes this particular house even more strange is that the extension appears to be original, ie. constructed when the house was actually built. We say appears to be because at present there is simply no way to tell short of contacting the homeowner directly, which is currently under consideration.

The images shown below appear to show the addition of a first floor extension to the side of the property that has no lower supporting level underneath. The upper storey is suspended in mid air on pillars, presumably steel stanchions that have been over-clad in brick. The upper level has the typical BISF pressed steel facade that blends perfectly with the main portion of the building, right down to the placement of the securing bolts. This further enhances our belief that the structure may well be original in construction.

Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts?


  1. What an unusual find! It would be interesting to find out the story behind this unique-looking extension. It does look original, but on the other hand the gable end looks different from ours, it doesn’t have the same horizontal band across it at the eaves level and the steel profile is different (it has more corrugations). The satelite photo shows the roof over the extention looks different, even though it doesn’t in the other photos.

    Given the modular structure of a BISF house, it’s perhaps surprising that more layouts weren’t tried.