We Should All Share & Pool Our House Information!

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We can all gain by sharing experiences.
I’d not realised until informed by Wikipedia that the the UK had c30,000 of these Gibberd-designed houses. 
We are a mighty army if we march together. 
Given these houses are over 60 years old, they are ripe for additional modernisation. 

I will certainly post photos and other details of our progress in Bath. 


  1. Hello Simon
    Your call to arms certainly put a smile on my face!
    I look forward to seeing your renovation project as it takes shape. As you , when we all work together as an army of owners and occupiers, the information that we can gain and share for the benefit of the community is immense. The whole ethos of BISF House.com (now Non-standardhouse.com) sits on this very foundation as before the site was created there was no information at all available for BISF owners.
    It is with great thanks and appreciation all of our amazing and valuable members that we are where we are today and I hope that we can continue to grow and provide a valuable resource for all. :0)