What is This Bar in The Kitchen – Dining Room of My BISF House?

Is this steel bar Safe to Remove? I Don’t See It in Modernised BISF Houses!

Hi all, a member uploaded some photos of their GUTTED BISF house, which were fantastic, but it showed me something that I had seen in other BISF interior pictures as well, but not in all of them. A bar in the middle of the kitchen! From floor to ceiling.

There seems to be a bar of some sort that runs down between the kitchen and dining room as per the picture below, and I’m wondering what it is!?

More to the point, I rarely see this bar present in pictures I see of other modernised BISF house kitchen-diners .

So I’m just wondering what it is? And I also want to check if its safe to cut out or remove somehow?

Central Support Stanchion BISF House
Located between Kitchen & Dining Room. Can this support can be safely removed?

Im finally moving into my BISF house on Feb 25th and one of the first things I’ll be doing is removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room. I was expecting nothing to be there… but as I’ve seen this bar a few times in other peoples photo’s, I guessing there might be a risk in removing it.
So I need to know how to deal with it!

Thanks :)



  1. Hi silentassasin,

    Thanks for also confirming, it was good to know it was as simple as I thought it should be!

    I have seen your latest pictures and left a number of questions in them, I am SOOOOOO impressed with what youre doing right now and so many questions I wish to ask but Im sure you’d rather focus on the job itself for now lol.

    I think theres only 2 or 3 pictures in your Strip Out album I’ve commented on so it would be great to know the answers to any questions I may have asked – particularly the cladding one :)

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work! and please do keep those pictures comming as I’m sure I speak to everyone here when I say its a very rare occasions to see a BISF house gutted to the level that you have in one go so gives us all a rare opportunity to see everything underneath…and what you will end up doing to it of course! :)

  2. Hi Grangey, sorry for not replying to comment on picture. Didnt realise people would actually have been interested in them. I will try and add some more pics very soon, combining kitchen and dining room together makes a fantastic open space. The timber support was only for wall and cabinets in kitchen, mine wasnt fixed to the floor and only 2 nails to a joist on the first floor. I now have room for a 3.6m x 2.5m x 3.6m U shaped kitchen unit run and the old kitchen is now a reasonable sized dining area. Any other questions plz ask.

  3. Hi Marc,

    Thanks so much for your response. I’m really sorry to hear about your personal circumstances at the moment and hope they improve quickley for you.

    Thanks for confirming that the post is meaningless, I had hoped as much but as I had seen it in a few different pictures it seemed odd that when an entire wall was ripped out that a single beam would be left so thought it may have been something worse! That dinning room wall will certainly be one of the first to go dont you worry, and be prepared for a long old project thread comming soon aswell!

    Again I wish you all the best with your circumstances.

    Take care

  4. Hello Grangey
    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner but sadly I have been spending most of my time with my Hospital over the last two weeks as she has suffered a very serious illness and has now over the last few days suffered a series of strokes, so not looking too good at the moment and not too much free time.

    The post you see in the image is a timber post that formed part of the original stud wall. It can safely be removed without any problem.
    In fact you should find removing the stud wall between the dining room and kitchen to be very straight forward and easy. Just a good hammer and a pry bar or crowbar should do.
    Just check that there are no electrical sockets on the wall to be removed and if they are take care to isolate and protect them during the wall removal.
    You will be left with a narrow gap in the ceiling that will need to be plastered but other than that I consider it to be one of the easiest and best alterations that you can do.

    Congratulations on your moving date, I am so pleased it all went through and you followed your convictions as I know it hasn’t been plain sailing.
    I hope to catch up with your other posts later as I am just about to leave again for the hospital.

    Speak soon

    Marc :)