What’s with the lack of information of Stanchion repair?

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Hi, me… again!

So, this site is rammed full of all sorts of information which is so useful it goes beyond words, I think the only two things that aren’t covered in REAL detail are external cladding (from a what are the various options are) and-the reason Im posting- Stanchion repair.

Now the place I’ve had an offer accepted on has signs of rust on the Stanchion- now I’ve spoken to one very knowledgeable BISF refurber who informed me that actually even in the very unlikely situation a Stanchion does need to be replaced, it’s not a huge or expensive (the important bit) job and through some rough prices around at me. However that’s one guy, and whilst he’s given me a lot of faith in that fact it would be good to also hear it elsewhere.

Now I can call up any number of roofing companies and ask for rough costs of roof replacement on BISF- and the prices will be similar, likewise with various works. However when it come to Stanchion replacement/repair I have not got the foggiest what company I would approach to question about this or even have quote on the job!

Now given this is THE most serious issue with BISF property which is discussed to no end when it comes to upkeep and importance of ventilation etc, I’m surprised that actually I cant seem to find that much insight into the subject.. other than the basic understanding of whats involved in the replacement (ie removing external render, cutting out, and welding in a replacement etc), but I can’t find ANY pictures, past quotes, experiences, or anything similar on the topic.

Soooo… Marc I’m looking forward to hearing from you on this of course, but I’m wondering if anyone who happens to pop on here from time to time or anything has any experience around getting your Stanchions repaired, replaced, any sort of work being done on them, or anything similar! Whether mine needs it or not I think its the one really missing subject which actually I feel is probably one of the most important when it comes to purchasing a BISF house…!


Grangey :)


    1. Hi Grangey.

      We repair all types of steel frame house and provide a certificate for mortgage purposes. Please call on 02381 661 411 or visit our website structural-repairs.co.uk

      Thanks, Alex

  1. Hello Grangey
    The problem with stanchion repair in general is that stanchion corrosion is in fact very rare or at least rarely reported as the majority of owners have not had occasion to view behind the render coating.
    During the last 2 years we have only had one other person inquiring about stanchion corrosion and in that case we never heard the result of the final outcome.
    The other problem we are aware of is finding a contractor or builder who is aware of the structure due to the rare nature of this problem. In fact the only structural engineers who I know have dealt with such situations are A.J Balfour based in Glasgow.
    I agree though that a good builder should easily be able to rectify the problem as unlike other construction types such as PRC, the BISF house is much easier to work on.

    I do hope that someone else may be able to add to the discussion having faced a similar situation as it is only by sharing experiences on such issues can we assist each other.
    Marc :)