Which BISF HOUSE Survey???

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Hello, I am currently looking to purchase BISF with nationwide. They have informed me that due to construction type they will only do the valuation not the homebuyers report. I have been in touch with a structural engineer who has given me options.

1. Walk around survey
2. Specific structural inspection and report
3. General structural inspection and report

I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily but at the same time don’t want any nasty surprises!


  1. Hello Laura
    There are a few articles on here about home surveys which may help you choose which is right for you.
    In my experience the general walkaround survey is not comprehensive enough if you don’t want any unexpected surprises as it does not look into the structure where surprises can sometimes occur.

    I think the general structural survey is the medium option and the one that I would choose but remember that if any structural problems were found a more specific invasive type survey would then need to be carried out.

    The safest option is to go for the most in depth survey but it can bring up every possible issue including minor problems that may go against you getting a mortgage.

    It can be a difficult choice but in my case I chose the medium option which I found perfectly adequate.

    Here’s a link to an earlier post, I hope this helps in some small way.


    Ps Welcome to the community, it’s a little quiet at the moment with the Holiday season as many owners aren’t doing much work on their houses at the moment but I hope you will receive some more advice pretty soon.

    Dr John