Yorkshire BISF, Presumably Renovated But What’s The Roof Made of?

Hello all, Looking into buying, what we presume to be, a BSIF house in the attached image. Having read the information on this site we’re pretty sure that it’s been modernised  by the council. The other houses are all the same construction but I’m confused as to what the roof could be made of.

I’m guessing it’s some sort of corrugated metal but I’m sure you knowledgeable folks can tell me more specifically or at least point me to where I could find the information!

What’s The Roof Made of?

Cheers in advance.


  1. Hello Lobrau
    Welcome to our community. I think you are spot on already with the roof construction. They do indeed appear to be corrugated roofing sheets, most probably made from lightweight galvanised steel. Many different types of roofing panels have been used from time to time on these properties. The main benefit here is that they are not made from Asbestos sheeting which can be an advantage when dealing with lenders.

    I hope this helps